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India Wolfhounds

India Wolfhounds was originally the brainchild of a scattered few Irish expacts back in the summer of 2008. In truth all we managed to achieve in the few kindling months was a team name and some massive hangovers.

Tribute must be paid to two of the founding fathers, Rory Mullan and Dave Freeman, Irish heros in certain Dehli circles who unfortunately have moved on and will miss the teams debut at the Asian Games. While the dream of the Wolfhounds withered in the autumn of that year, it was not gone forever.

The year of 2010 brought fresh impetus in the form of the Irish Embassy in India. While Dehli, and indeed India as a whole, does not contain an abundance of Irish, it was felt that other nationalities could be introduced to the game. The word spread to embassies and businesses alike, culminating in a squad of fifteen players comprising of eleven different nationalities. While never doubting the great athletes throughout the squad it would be remiss not to point out that age is against us, some players being too close to comfort to the big 4 0.

Balance is the key we hope will unlock this mysterious game. While having the shortest ever Irish diplomat on our team will win us no prizes, a good mix of experience and social aptitude should bring us a long way. From Great Danes to soft South Africans, whiney Aussies to fussy Mauritians, incomprehensible Scots to our mean man from Muff, India Wolfhounds will be a force to be reckoned with. Even out token French friend is only too delighted to play a sport where he can legally handle a ball. Led by a Leitrim footballing legend, famous for his cool headedness, resilient hamstrings and calm and collected performances on the field, expectations are high this year.

India Wolfhounds has emerged from the smog and dust to form the first ever Irish GAA team in India. We hope this is only the beginning in a country that is growing and developing at an unfathomable pace. More Irish will come and more we will grow.