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Jakarta Dragonflies

Having recently hosted the SE Asian Gaemes in Jakarta, and rigging it so we came third, we are now full of optimism for Hong Kong which is a bad omen. Our club has recently attracted some new players and we hope to field a full squad of Jakarta based players for the tournament.

Previously we had to scour all the bars looking for talent but the recent opening of the first Irish put in Jakarta has made that job considerably easier. The first to wander in were two multi-tasking Monaghan men (bizarrely here to teach English) and were duly signed up to play music in the pub and Gaelic for the Dragonflies. The owner, Killian, also a Monaghan man is now our de factor scout and key wing forward.

Along side the Monaghan contingent, there is some style and class from the midland Gaelic Football giants of Longford and Westmeath as well as some representatives of the far flung kingdoms of USA and Cork. The Dragonflies are committed to a strong performance on and off the pitch and are looking forward to an exciting games.