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Penang Pumas

Some may say that the Penang Pumas arose from nothing. Others may say that a lot of cajoling and persuading was involved. Others still would have you believe that it was a natural progression for Gaelic Football to make its way to Penang considering the strong links between Penang Medical College and its Irish partners, UCD and RCSI, which leads to a great number of Malaysian students undertaking their studies in these bastions of Irish education.

Whoever you choose to believe, the fact is that Gaelic Football has well and truly arrived in Penang and it is here to stay. The Pumas are a young Club and we could almost be referred to as cubs. To do so though would be a mistake. From the moment the Club got started, under the leadership of our captain Danial, our young men (ladies next year!) have struggled hard to familiarize themselves with the basics of the Game. Day in day out, week in week out, commitment and pride has driven us on and we greatly appreciate this chance to show to the rest of Asia’s footballers just how we have developed. We have received amazing support from several visiting trainers, including Cormac from Kilmacud Crokes who organized our very first training session. Many thanks to you all.

Our need for visiting trainers is what makes our story different from that of the many other Gaelic Clubs dotted around Asia. You see, most of us Pumas have never played Gaelic Football before. Only a few of us have ever seen a full game and to most of us football is the sport characterized by the term “foreign game”. Oh yeah, and almost every Puma is Malaysian! If it were not for Nigel, our lone Kiwi, this might have been the first time in the history of the Asian Gaelic Games, and possibly in the history of the GAA, that an all Asian team had competed. Whether it is G Bam thundering a ball over the bar, Michael climbing into the air to field a high ball or Mujaheed eating up ground on a strong run up the field, we guarantee you that the Pumas will be a team to watch.