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Singapore Gaelic Lions

What started in 1997 as an excuse for a weekend away in Manila – 14 years later has turned into one of the biggest clubs in the region. This is our first tour to Korea and we’re looking forward to the adventures on and off the pitch.

SGL are here in numbers again this year with about 90 players and supporters fielding 6 Football teams, a Hurling team and, for the first time, a Camogie team.

This year was the usual round of Tours and shenanigans for SGL – starting way back in November when we travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend the All-Stars Tour. A number of club members joined the rest of the Asian All-Stars for the warm up matches and then settled in to watch the main event. We were back in Malaysia again in March for the annual KL Challenge – and as ever, our friends in KL put on a most excellent show.

In May about 50 of us travelled to Saigon for the South East Asian Gaelic Games – with the Saigon Gaels and Viet Celts welcoming squads from around the region to the biggest SEA Games yet – the event is really growing and it is great to see the development in the region.

The Singapore Cubs continue to grow and develop and this year captured their first win over Orang Oige at the South East Asian Games. About 50 kids are registered and training with the Club every weekend during the school year, and regularly put the rest of us to shame with their skills & ability. The Cubs aren’t travelling to Seoul this year, but will be back in force at the AGG next year.