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2017 All China Gaelic Games Review

Beijing once again hosted the All China Gaelic Games. The 2016 games in Beijing were an outstanding success and it was always tough to follow that up but Beijing once again did an excellent job hosting the event. The games took place at Dulwich international school and Beijing GAA were confident of success both on and off the field this year. The big teams were back in town to claim the cups. Throughout the day, the teams gave some brilliant football and in the end the senior competitions resulted in Beijing vs. Shanghai on the mens side and Hong Kong vs. Seoul on the womens side. After two pulsating finals Beijing came out on top in the mens Senior Cup and Hong Kong were victorious in the womens Senior Cup.

The Plate and Bowls showed the depth and breadth of GAA in Asia with two local Chinese teams participating for the first time and reaching the finals on the mens side of the draw (BDIC and Nanjing). Beijing B defeated Nanjing in the mens plate and Shenzhen defeated Hong Kong B for the womens plate. In the mens Bowl competition Hong Kong B defeated BDIC.

After a great days football, the teams donned their superhero costumes and descended into Beijing for some excellent entertainment. The 2018 All China Games will move next year to a new city and we look forward to the football and fun next year.