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All-China Games

The All-China Games began in 2002.  After being cancelled in 2003 due to the outbreak of SARS, they returned in 2004 and have been going strong since and are a highlight of the mid-season for the clubs in mainland China & Hong Kong. They are generally held in the middle of the season and is a one-day tournament of Men's & Ladies Gaelic Football. The tournament is an AGB-sanctioned event and clubs must bid to host the tournament.

Roll of Honour

A Competitions:

Host Location  Year Men's A Cup Ladies A Cup
Shanghai 2002  Hong Kong GAA Shanghai Sirens
  2003 Cancelled due to SARS  
Shanghai 2004 Hong Kong GAA  Hong Kong GAA
Beijing 2005 Hong Kong GAA Hong Kong GAA
Shenzhen 2006 Hong Kong GAA Hong Kong GAA
Dalian 2007 Shanghai Saints Beijing GAA
Beijing 2008 Shanghai Saints Beijing GAA
Shanghai 2009 Hong Kong GAA Shanghai Sirens
Shenzhen 2010 Hong Kong GAA Shanghai Sirens
Shanghai 2011 Shanghai Saints Shanghai Sirens
Beijing 2012 Seoul Gaels Beijing GAA

Non-A Competitions:

Host Location Year  Men's Plate  Men's Bowl  Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl 
Shanghai 2002        
  2003 Cancelled due to SARS      
Shanghai 2004        
Beijing  2005 Shenzhen Celts Shanghai Saints   Shanghai Saints
Shenzhen 2006 Shanghai Saints      
Dalian 2007       Dalian / Shenzhen
Beijing 2008 Shenzhen Celts  Dalian Wolfhounds    
Shanghai 2009 Beijing GAA Suzhou GAA Hong Kong GAA Shenzhen Celts
Shenzhen 2010 Suzhou Eire Og Beijing GAA Dalian Wolfhounds Beijing GAA
Shanghai 2011 Shenzhen Celts Beijing GAA Dalian Wolfhounds n/a
Beijing 2012 Shanghai Saints Dalian Wolfhounds Dalian-Suzhou n/a


Host Location Year  Men's MVP  Ladies MVP 
Beijing 2005 Sean Chiang (Shenzhen) Antje Kiem (HK)
Shenzhen 2006 Edward Cosgrove (HK)  
Dalian 2007 Davey Hayes (Shanghai) Catherine Tulauskas (Shanghai)
Beijing 2008 Davey Hayes (Shanghai) Catherine Tulauskas (Shanghai)
Shanghai 2009   Niamh Furey (Shenzhen Celts)
Shenzhen 2010 Barry Waters (HKGAA) Aisling Smith (Shanghai)
Shanghai 2011 Enda Winters (Beijing) Mei Lin (Shezhen)
Beijing 2012 Enda Winters (Beijing) Aine Deasy (Seoul Gaels)