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History of AGG

The Asian Gaelic Games are an annual tournament held throughout Asia under the aegis of the Asian County Board. The event brings together clubs from all over the Asian region in a 2-day tournament in which Men's, Ladies & Juvenile teams compete for the top honours in Football & Hurling.  Over the course of the 2 days up to 180 matches are played on 4-5 pitches and the number of teams & standard is increasing every year.
The Asian Gaelic Games is a 9-a-side tournament, with Matches lasting 14 mins each.  The games have been running since 1996 and move from city to city each year - they have been hosted in Manila, Singapore, Phuket, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Penang & Bangkok. There are 8 trophies up for grabs over the weekend along with individual All-Stars, MVP & Club awards to be won. The top teams in the competition compete for the Derek Brady Cup, the Ladies Cup & Hurling Cup. 
Over the 15 years the AGG has been running it has grown to be the premier Irish event in the Region and is the highlight of the calendar for the Irish in Asia & the Gulf.  Since 2007 the event has been coupled with the new Asia-Pacific Ireland Business Forum (www.apibf.com).
The support of the GAA in Ireland has been invaluable in keeping the Games growing year on year - as well as the dedication and enormous effort of the clubs in the Region.  After 15 years we have gone from a tournament of about 5 teams in 1996 to a tournament of 54 teams in 2010  - - Gaelic Games are alive and well in Asia and long may the growth continue.

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Play The Game

Are you interested in playing gaelic football in Asia? Are you living close to one of the clubs mentioned on this site? Do you intend to move to Asia shortly and are interested in playing? Have you played the game before?

If you have never played the game before, don't worry. It's relatively a simple game to pick up, is great fun, fast and great for keeping in shape. Some describe it as an all round game of hand and foot skills with a round ball. Others describe it as a cross between soccer and rugby. Maybe so, but gaelic football predates both of these sports.

The first record of Gaelic Football appeared in the Statutes of Galway in 1527, and the earliest reported match took place at Slane, County Meath, in 1712. The game in its full form is played by two teams of fifteen on a pitch about 137 metres long and 87 metres wide, and the goalposts are the same as for rugby but with a slightly lower crossbar. In Asia we play nine a side games. Either way, the aim of the game is to manoeuvre the ball (round and slightly smaller than a soccer ball) by hand/fist/foot over the crossbar for one point or under the crossbar and into the net for three points.

The Asian Gaelic Games is the pinnacle gaelic games event of the year in Asia where Mens, Ladies & Juvinile teams compete from across the region in Football & Hurling.  Additionally Regional Tournaments are held in the Gulf, China, North Asia & South East Asia.  Clubs regularly organise Invitational Tournament, games, training, international rules games (against Australian Rules Clubs) and are a great outlet for social activity with an a very Irish feel. Most clubs in Asia are made of men and women from varying backgrounds and professions, of which only round half the members are Irish.

If you are interested in playing, you can contact one of the representatives from the clubs listed in the participants section of the website (click here).

If you would like some help establishing a club in Asia, please contact a member of the Asian County Board (click here).